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There’s only 1 way to create ongoing content that rocks every month, and that’s with a permanent writer reporting directly to you. The most cost-effective way to do this is hire writers from the Philippines, the 4th largest English speaking nation in the world, for as low as $7.95/hr

Thought Leadership Through Content Marketing

Content marketing can establish startups as thought leaders & domain experts. It can give potential & existing customers with relevant & interesting information, & it can drive SEO. – Mark Evans

Publishing Engaging Content

MVW understands that it’s important for you to create and share relevant content that’s valuable to your customers. Our writers can produce customer insights-driven integrated content for marketing purposes, especially for SEO and brand awareness in Social Media.

Cost-Efficient Marketing Alternative

Content marketing is relatively cheap compared to most other options, but it requires you to invest your time, effort and a lot of patience before you can reap its returns. Jim Haynes

Content Marketing to Earn

Timothy Carter says “Content marketing is one of the most efficient and successful ways you can do that, but only if you know how to use it correctly.” This is one way for small businesses to acquire and leverage their customer base, compete more effectively and generate sales.

Getting Started

Hire a writer in 3 easy steps & be connected with your own in-house writer within 4 business hours. Either hire from our existing pool of talent or we can make the selection for you based on your brief.

4 Easy Steps to get started

  • Candidate Shortlisting

    Your dedicated talent scout will find you 3 suitable candidates, often within a few hours and ready for interview

  • Skype Interviews & Selection

    Interview candidates via videoconference and choose your favourite candidate and have them begin working for you that day!

  • Onboarding

    Your account manager will work with you to teach you all of the tricks and tips to working with Filipinos and mastering managing staff in the cloud

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