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We have painstakingly hand-picked and pre-trained the Philippines top talent to ensure that your business not only saves over 70% off normal staffing costs, but that your business grows and thrives as a result

Support Staff

Hire Virtual Assistants, Live Chat Support Agents, Customer Support Agents and many more

Finance Staff

Hire Accountants, Bookkeepers,, Virtual CFO’s, Auditors and many more

Marketing & Sales Staff

Hire Web Developers, Designers, Telemarketers, Content Writers, SEO staff, SEM staff, and many more

Nikkah served me as a young and energetic member of my team. With enthusiasm to brighten my day, she gave her very best on every task I assigned her. I am sad that I currently don’t have the opportunity to work with her going forward and I know she has a bright future ahead of her. Any future employer would be lucky to work with her going forward and Nikkah has my highest endorsement possible.

– Dale Wilson, Director at Oneflare

Office-Based and Home-Based Global Staffing Solutions for Small to Medium Enterprise

The 7 reasons why

My Virtual Workforce has spent 6 years asking ourselves
“What defines the ultimate customer experience from beginning to end?”

Unused Hours Rollover!

Imagine if you were able to request that your staff in your current office accrue all non productive hours and work them again for you when you need those hours the most?

An impossibility in most cases.
At MVW, it’s just what how we roll…

Insane Data & IP protection!

Imagine every keystroke, every email, every URL, every attachment being traced, triggered and screen-captured when necessary. With our powerful optional employee monitoring program, your data and IP and data will be safer than it is in your own office with your current staff

Remote Staffing & Office Based Options

With most offshore staffing companies, you only have 1 choice: Either office based or remote staff.

With MVW, we work with you to build the optimal offshore team ensuring we consider your budget, IT needs and more importantly, security and IP protection needs.

Get Started in under 2 hours!

In 99% of cases, it can take anywhere from a 1 to 8 weeks to find staff once you begin the search.

At MVW, because we hire and train all staff before you interview them, we have a huge selection of staff available and ready to begin working for you the same day you inquire!

Staff pre-screened & trained!

Finding great staff is just about the most challenging issue facing small businesses in 2015.

Recruitment firms will find you staff they know little or nothing about, place them with you and hope it all works out. Most offshore staffing firms will take the same approach, knowing full well that many staff cross-culturally simply do not work out.

We remove that anomaly for you by hiring all staff in advance and putting them through our rigorous training, ensuring your staff are good to go!

Co-management options available

Let’s face it, some entrepreneurs have a huge amount of work they need done, but they don’t want to manage people.

Some would rather be focusing on their specialisation or even better, be sitting on a beach somewhere!

With MVW, our enterprise experience and management expertise allow you to outsource yourself, and have our in-house local managers take care of the daily management of your staff.

Cloud Task Management that Rocks!

Imagine creating tasks in your smartphone while sitting in a cafe with friends. Imagine being able to create task lists with dependencies and much more.

With MVW’s FREE task management platform – in partnership with TeamWork – you can delegate tasks on the fly in the most amazingly efficient ways that you will have your entire organisation singing it’s praises.


Interview and hire your offshore team as quickly as it takes to write a job description!

With a 100 seat office, over 120 staff, and a world class recruitment and training team, you can be up and running within 2 hours of your initial inquiry

Job Description

Let our recruitment guru’s know exactly what and who you need and they will scour our office and CV’s to find your the perfect VA

Candidate Shortlisting

Your dedicated talent scout will find you 3 suitable candidates, often within a few hours and ready for interview

Skype Interviews & Selection

Interview candidates via videoconference and choose your favourite candidate and have them begin working for you that day!


Your account manager will work with you to teach you all of the tricks and tips to working with Filipinos and mastering managing staff in the cloud

At Freedom Property Investors, supporting our Members to build wealth through investing in Australian property is our mission. Integral to our mission is to ensure that the each process involved – from determining the needs of our Members to selecting the right property to facilitating the purchasing process – is smooth, efficient and accurate.

The team at My Virtual Workforce have worked closely with us to design and implement an end to end lead generation and lead management system that ensures we always meet the needs of our Members. If you are looking for the level of support normally reserved for a big business without the big business budget, then you need to talk to the team at MVW.

– Scott Kuru, CEO at Freedom Property Investors

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